answers to questions about using a taxi service

answers to questions about using a taxi service

Turning 21? 2 Tips For Staying Safe On This Milestone Birthday

by Elliot Simpson

First, you couldn't wait until you turned 16 and could officially drive a car. Then, you looked forward to turning 18 and being declared an official adult in the US. Now, your 21st birthday is arriving, and you can finally legally indulge in your first drink that contains alcohol. Among all of the milestone birthdays, turning 21 can be one of the most hazardous ones if you celebrate the wrong way. While having a drink on your 21st birthday is a personal choice you are entitled to make, be sure to imbibe safely by following these two tips. 

1. Choose Wine Coolers or Beer Instead of Hard Alcohol

It can be all too easy to overindulge on your 21st birthday, especially if you or a friend are hosting a party to celebrate the occasion. If you are drinking your first alcohol-filled drink ever, then you may be tempted to drink one of those fancy, tasty cocktails that contain hard alcohol, such as vodka or tequila. 

When drinking a cocktail that contains hard alcohol and fruity mixers, it can be all-too-easy to overindulge. Sugary mixers and flavorings can cover up the taste of the alcohol, which can lead to having a difficult time judging how much alcohol you are really consuming with each drink. Bartenders commonly "over-pour" when they make cocktails for patrons, and that drink that may have a recipe that officially calls for one-ounce of vodka may end up being made with 2 ounces or more at a bar or restaurant. 

When you choose to drink beer or bottled wine coolers instead of mixed drinks, you know exactly how much alcohol you are drinking, because it is stated on the label. This makes it much easier to have control over what you are drinking, so you can avoid overindulgence that can lead to alcohol poisoning

2. Rent a Party Bus Instead of Driving to Bars

If you and a large group of friends have a night planned visiting several bars, then no one who is drinking any alcohol should be driving. Even if you choose designated drivers, it can be all-too-easy for one driver to become tempted during to drink alcohol during your night and break their oath to drink only soda and water. 

A great way to make sure your group of friends can all join in on the fun while staying safe on the roads is to rent a party bus that can drive you all around during your night. You then don't have to worry about any of your friends getting DUIs, or even worse, getting into car accidents. 

Party buses can also be lots of fun, as your entire group of friends can travel together in them and don't have to be split up into several taxis or other forms of transportation. You can all talk and enjoy hanging out together between stops at bars and restaurants, and no one has to worry about getting lost and separated from your group while driving. 

Follow these tips to enjoy your 21st birthday safely. You can have a drink and have fun, but know what you are drinking so you don't accidentally overindulge and have a transportation plan, such as renting a party bus, to keep all friends who are drinking from getting behind the wheel of a car. 


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answers to questions about using a taxi service

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