answers to questions about using a taxi service

answers to questions about using a taxi service

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Freight Compared To Water Freight

by Elliot Simpson

Air freight has become more common than ever, with many more goods being shipped by plane than ever before. This could lead you to wonder if using air freight would be the right product transportation method for your company. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of air freight to see if it's right for your company's situation.

Advantages of Air Freight

The first main advantage that is associated with using air freight is that it allows items to be transported within a very short period of time. This is critical for goods or products that will not stay good for long, such as perishable goods. If you tried to transport meat, for example, on a boat, there would be a high chance that the meat would spoil before it reached shore, unless the meat had been salted or otherwise preserved. Meat can arrive at its location and still stay fresh if it is shipped by air freight.

Another advantage is that air freight can reach anyone on the planet. It can be very difficult to reach a landlocked area by a water freight transportation system, because the goods may have to be transported by both land and sea to that area. This can cost time and money. With air freight, the goods can simply be flown the the necessary destination, without having to take the time to unpack and repack them.

Finally, air freight is extremely reliable because it is able to deliver goods on a much shorter timeline, reducing the time when things could go wrong. This is important because if items are needed reliably, such as medical equipment, those who are shipping the goods can feel much more secure knowing that they are being delivered by air.

Disadvantages of Air Freight

One of the main disadvantages of air freight is that it can be very expensive. Although the expense might be worth it for perishable goods, if the goods do not have to arrive at their location within a certain period of time, then shipping them by water freight is much more economical.

Another disadvantage is that there is often less room in the cargo bay of an airplane than of a ship, possibly requiring multiple trips.

Essentially, air freight is best if you are shipping smaller amounts of items that either will go bad if not received quickly enough or items that need to be received quickly and reliably. For more information, contact an air freight company like Alaska Air Forwarding.


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answers to questions about using a taxi service

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