answers to questions about using a taxi service

answers to questions about using a taxi service

Give Your Daughter A Sweet 16 Birthday Party She Will Never Forget Using A Limousine

by Elliot Simpson

If your daughter is turning 16 and you are having a sweet 16 birthday party for her, consider renting a limousine for her and her friends. They will enjoy riding around in style, and feel special as they are going to their destinations.   

Dress Up

Visit vintage shops or other used clothing stores and purchase a fancy dress for them, such as party or prom dresses. Make sure you choose the clothes in a variety of sizes so everyone can find something that fits them. The girls can have fun dressing up in the clothes to go along with their new nails. Along with clothing, purchase some cool hats and costume jewelry for them to wear.

Get Their Nails Done

Before they leave your home, let the girls do their own nails. Most girls love to get their nails done. Purchase a variety of colored nail polish so they can find some that matches their dresses. Purchase some nail art stickers so they can really dress up their nails. There is also nail polish with glitter in it to make their nails really stand out. You can find acrylic nails in most retail stores. This way the teens can do their own nails instead of going to a nail salon. You can find acrylic nails that are temporary just in case their parents do not want them to have permanent fake nails.

Multiple Stops

Ask the limousine driver to make multiple stops. For example, they could take the girls to a nice restaurant and have them serve her a birthday cake. Set up a spa visit for the girls, and have the limo driver drop them off in front of it so everyone can see them getting out. Before the party starts, have the limousine driver pick up the party-goers at their homes to bring to your house to make them feel special. Do not tell the girls where the limo driver is going so they can be excited about what the next stop is.

Rent a double decker limousine if your daughter has a lot of friends she wants to invite to her party.  They can take turns being on the top and bottom levels so everyone can spend time with the birthday girl. Do not forget to decorate the limousine. You could put streamers and balloons inside of it. Leave a special gift for your daughter inside the limousine.


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answers to questions about using a taxi service

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