answers to questions about using a taxi service

answers to questions about using a taxi service

How To Pass A Driver's License Test On The First Try

by Elliot Simpson

Sometimes, no matter how much you study and read the manual, you will still get nervous jitters on the day of your driver's license test. Getting your driver's license can seem like the most important day of your life because it means freedom. Once you have your license, you can drive yourself to school, go out with your friends without asking for a ride and even the errands you will have to do will be more fun because you can drive! However, to prepare, you might need some help for the driver's license practice test:

Studying the Guide

The best way to study for the written test is to read the driver's license manual. All of the answers on the test are in the book and you can get a free copy of it at the DMV. How easy can that be? Some states even allow you to look through the book when you're taking the test, so you really should pass it on the first try.

The Driving Test

Let's face it, the challenge in getting your driver's license isn't the written test. The answers are provided for you, all you have to do is memorize them. The hardest part will be the actual driving test. Having an instructor, a stranger, sitting next to you and tell you what moves to make can be nerve wracking. The only thing worse would be to have one of your parents sitting next to do and telling you what to do next.

Before taking the test, take a deep breath and relax. The instructor, unlike your parents, won't yell in anger or scream in fright when you make a mistake. They may make some notes on their assessment, but that is the most they will do, unless of course you turn the wrong way and drive into oncoming traffic.

Pass the Test

If you can relax and remember everything you learned in driver's training, than even the driver's test will be a piece of cake. Getting your driver's license really isn't that hard. If you pay attention in class and study the manual, you will pass and be awarded with a much coveted driver's license on the day you take the tests.

When you do pass your test, you will be responsible for driving a car. That means no speeding, no texting while driving and probably taking your siblings to their soccer practice. The hardest part will come when you want to borrow mom or dad's car.


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answers to questions about using a taxi service

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