answers to questions about using a taxi service

answers to questions about using a taxi service

Planning The Perfect In-Air Proposal

by Elliot Simpson

Asking your partner for their hand in marriage is a major life step. However, it's also a big deal in the moment. Many people can remember the day they got engaged just as well as they can the day they were married. For this reason, you're probably looking at an in-air proposal as a way to make the moment as spectacular as possible. To help ensure the proposal goes off as hitch-free as possible, keep these essential tips in mind. 

Fear Factor

Step number one should be thinking about your partner, more specifically, what they are afraid of. For instance, if your partner is scared of heights, as impressive as the idea of an in-air proposal sounds, you probably don't want to take him or her up into the air. Instead of focusing on you, they may be more engrossed in their fear, which will make their time in the sky less enjoyable. 

Route Planning

Ask the charter service about route planning. Many services will take you over the areas where you want to travel, provided they are not no-fly zones. To make the moment more magical, arrange to fly over the spot of your first date. Proposing to the special person in your life while you hover over the place where you first connected is unique and a way to bring the history of your relationship full circle.


Make sure you don't forget to bring a camera along with you. As you go through life and tell people that you got engaged in a helicopter, you will have evidence to back up your unique claims. Remember, the pilot won't be able to help you with the photo, so ensure you bring a camera that you and your partner can hold and easily take a picture of each other with on your own. 

Landing Activities

The celebration does not have to stop once the helicopter ride is over. You can plan all sorts of landing activities. For example, you could have an outdoor gathering with family and friends to celebrate the occasion. However, if you will land at an airport, there are restrictions. Laws often prevent any non-passengers from accessing the flight area, so keep this in mind. You may need to arrange for an alternate drop off location.

You can plan an awesome in-air proposal that you and your future spouse will remember for many years to come. Contact a helicopter charter service for assistance with your planning needs. 


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answers to questions about using a taxi service

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